Translucent Changes

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I am surrounded by change, 

greens going brown, 

burning into translucency,

visible into invisible 

as leaves leave branches

to flitter and float in the air

turning, twisting, 

changing, change, 

change they say, 

change they whisper,

transform, turn too, in turn, turn out,

I was stuck once, in a position, 

positioned between the seams, 

sewn into lines, too structured, too static, 

derailed by demands, dictating designers,

but I have turned too, already, 

I have transformed, turned into transparency. 

I live now in lines, between the pages, 

I appear and disappear at will, at want, 

I am me at times, 

characters at others,

careful, cautious, curious, questioning. 

I am skin and bone, 

I am ageing, like the leaves, 

older, greyer, lighter, 

wilting with the weather, 

but I am sturdy too, 

stronger in other places, 

wizened but wiser.

I am caught in the same current

as the autumn air that lingers, 

lightens and lifts

and carries life onto the next adventure…

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


To be a poet of
The heart and mind
Is to step away
From all that is close
And to look back
From afar.
To struggle
With the truth
Of what we are told
And to search for
What we believe.
To fall on the road
And document the struggle
To stand again.
To be torn from
The heart of your dearest
By the changing hand
Of that very heart
And find a place again,
In your own, alone.

To breath again
And remind yourself
To do this daily,
To look into the dark
And, in blindness,
Search for the light.

To dream at night
While accepting
The reality
Of the coming dawn.

To open your eyes
To an unknown world
When you were safe
In the one you’d accepted.
To wander
The lonely road
That you must take,
To cry,
To shed your pain,
To cleanse your body,
To clear out
So as to move on.
To sob
In the face of beauty
And smile
In the midst of horror
So as to live.

To travel
The mind’s horizons
And discover the bounties
Hidden in its depths
So as to release the poet
Inside lays within us all.