Published: Nous sommes Paris, Poetry Anothology


Just back this weekend from work and joyous jet lag in Shanghai and discovered a real treat when I returned; the proof manuscript for the Paris poetry anthology, entitled #NousSommesParis being published by Eyewear Publishing this November, marking the one-year anniversary of the Paris attacks, which will include my poem Slow Moving Sorrow.

Truly honored to be featured in a book whose subject is the very sacred ground upon which I walk everyday.

Will remind you all of its release later in November…


Happy Easter

Just finished my homemade Easter Cake; a rich chocolate cake covers in a chocolate ganache with homemade white chocolate and pecan fudge eggs, chocolate coated honeycomb and marzipan flowers. Happy Easter everyone. I’m off to start eating… 

All words and Cakes by Damien B. Donnelly.

I’ll Be Back


Excuses for my absence but I’m excited and distracted by painting, decorating, trying to remember my French and unpacking boxes to make a new home in Paris- back again after 18 years of much longing and the distractions of London and Amsterdam in between, but the pen once again found paper today, while I ignored the temporary loss of electricity and the contents of the new fridge melting within, on a sun filled terrace in the 14th, former home to Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Stien, so I’m hoping for a little ghostly magic to rub its way into my little lines of literature. It’s now evening and still 29 degrees which perhaps means the candles I have lighting to distract from the smell of paint and turps are only causing a rise in temperature and means that nothing will dry as quickly as one hopes but I think it was Maupin’s legendary Anna Madrigal who once said that even shit looks good in candle light so I’m sticking with her philosophy. Until next time, a bientôt- I’ll be back…

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Wuji Seshat

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Howdy All,

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