Goodbye he said
As the train door closed
And sliced our world in two

Goodbye I thought
What a word to use
At the end of me and you

Goodbye he said
And I wondered what
Good there was in farewell

Goodbye I thought
As he left me there
Hurt and unhappy in hell

Goodbye they say
When the endings near
Suggesting we can breathe

Goodbye they say
At the curtain call
Signalling the time to leave

Goodbye we say
When it’s time to go
When to stay is far too futile

Goodbye is all
That the heart can hear
When love has been bashed and brutal

Goodbye we say
When there’s nothing else
But a whistle to signal time

Goodbye is all
You have left to hold
When the reason leaves with the rhyme


What do you see in me,
As your eyes bore into me,
Review me, regard me?
Are you looking at me, within
For a version of yourself, without?
A comfort, consolation, connection?
Am I your opposite or your equal,
Your reflection or your desire?
What subtle certainly sways you
To share your secrets, so suddenly,
Your dreams and your desires,
Your appetites and aberrations?
What tenacious tendency
Towards the truth tempts you
To touch me, take me, taste me?

What was that calmness
That cuddled in between us?
And your voice, like a sound
I was weaned on and your hold,
Like the touch, a trigger, a trace
Of attraction, always known.

Did the world really stop,
Did time slow down
To meet us, to find us?
Us, two strangers
Names newly known,
Body by body, body on body,
Your eyes open and watching,
Watching you, watching me,
Taking, tasting, releasing,
Tension washing away.

It is flesh
At the end of the day,
We are people
At the end of the day,
We have desires
At the end of the day,
We have needs
At the end of the day,
What is wrong
At the end of the day?
Who we make love to
At the end of the day?
Your tastes, your looks,
Your penis, your vagina
Your fears, who fed them,
Your scars, who bled them.

It started and I waited
But you didn’t say no,
You smiled and then held me
And just let it go;

For this moment,
For this night,
For all you believe
And all that feels right,
For all that you fear
Let the senses guide you,
For all you’ve resisted
Let the curiosity drive you.

For all that you question,
And all that you need,
Let this moment find you
Finally freed.
Let tomorrow’s thoughts
Not try to tease you,
Let the fear of the future
Not find or freeze you.

So hold my hand,
And touch my skin,
As you feel my breath
Upon your chin.
Sense my lips
Touching yours,
Forget the time,
Forget the jeers.
Take this moment
As just a chapter
Worry not now
For the ever after.

We are adults aroused
By a moment in time,
We are bodies entwined,
Me in yours and you in mine.


In a time of love
My heart will beat
To your name,

In a time of hate
My heart will pound
With pain,

In a time of creation
I will water the seed
And the flower shall rise,

In a time of destruction
I will protect my love
And comfort his cries,

In a time of destiny
My path will become clear,

In time for the end
I shall have relinquished my fear.


So the seagulls sang
As I sailed away
And my future swam out to the seas,
And the cormorants crooned
A slow distant dirge
As my mind swept to waves of memories,
I remembered you there
On the beach that day
As your eyes poured torrents of tears,
I had promised you then
That one day I’d return
But my words could not wash off your fears,
There were often times
I drowned in your arms
Don’t you know how you held on to me,
All the fear that you had
That one day I’d run away
Had chased me off and into the sea,

And so I sailed on,
I sailed on,
I sailed on,
I sailed on into deep and endless seas,
And as you watched on,
You watched on,
You watched on,
I heard your cries on the cold morning breeze,

But I hope you’ll never know
What it’s like to lose your way
While lying as bodies entwined,
And I’m sorry that you’ll know
What it’s like one more time
Being the one who has been left behind.

Till eve turned to night
I swam through the past
Till a wild storm cast our young ship astray,
And the herons all hushed
And the currents all crashed
As the night stole the light from the day,
Then the skies roared with rain
Which the waves rose to meet
As Sirens sang up from the sea,
While in the mounting rage
The pipes called me home
Playing doomed strings of sorrow for me,
And so the wild winds wailed
And the bodies were strewn
And to the moonlight I sent one last prayer,
While like a slow deep dive
Of a gannet in flight
The ship sailed into ice cold despair,

And so I let go,
I let go,
I let go,
I let go of what was once you and me,
And when I let go,
I let go,
I let go,
The waves made a resting bed for me,

But I hope you’ll never know
What it’s like to lose your way
While lying as bodies entwined,
And I’m sorry that you’ll know
What it’s like one more time
Being the one who has been left behind.

So the seagulls sang
As I was slung from the sea
And the crowds gathered slowly around,
And the albatross loomed
And waited and watched
As my body washed up on the ground,
Then the herons all howled
As you heard the news
To drown out your sorrows and pains,
And the cormorants crooned
That slow distant dirge
As I spluttered and slipped and the blood left my veins.

In the distance I saw her
Come floating into sight
Her red hair in ringlets like you,
Swimming through the waves
Like a watering flame
She swept me up and out of the blue,
For seven long years
We’ve mourned for our loss
Like a sharp stab from the roses sly thorn,
That wee child of our love
Who for this earth was too frail
Has dived into this new world reborn,
She forgets it, my love
Forgets that dark night
That last night when she left us alone,
So rest now, my dear
For our angel is safe
Now that her Daddy’s come home,

But I hope you’ll never know
What it’s like to lose your way
While lying as bodies entwined,
And I’m sorry that you’ll know
What it’s like one more time
Being the one who has been left behind,

How many miles
Do we need to walk along
How much do we have to explore?
How many tides
Do we need to sail on
Until we can find our own shore,
Until we can find our own shore,
Until we find true love once more?


Missing you,
The silent absence,
The stillness,
The sadness,
I close doors
And pretend
You’re behind them,
I turn out lights
And imagine
You’re beneath them.


The silent absence,
The loneliness,
The moodiness,
Says so much more
About the distance
Now dividing us
Than all the noise
We ever made
When you were here.

And yet I’m still

Missing you
Here and now,
Amid tasks of
Dividing, deciding,
Rising and dying,
In this house
In this home,
In the city
All alone.

All the while

Missing you
As clocks tick
And miles multiply
Like all those
Minor mistakes
Unmaliciously made.
Maybe the miles
Will make more of us
Than the holding did.

And then back to

Missing you,
Missing you,

Even though

I missed you
Just as much
When you were here…


Hear me roar,
Here me howl,
Hear me tell
Tongue twisting tales
Of terror and tragedy,
Tense and tightly
Woven in apathy,

Here me roar,
Here me howl,
Here me cry
Torrents of tears
To tear through territories
Too timid to ask for comfort,
Too disjointed to unite minorities,

Here me roar,
Here me howl,
Here me slap
The truth on the table,
Cut the lies with a knife,
Drain the good from the bad,
Starve the sin to save the life,

Hear me roar,
Here me howl,
Here me laugh
At all the unbearables,
Rise above all that’s insurmountable,
Ignore all the incidentals,
Defy all that’s undefeatable,

Hear me roar,
Here me howl,
Here me sing
Of the hand that helped me,
Rejoice in the words healed kept me,
Be reborn through the ones who freed me,
Be remembered in the hearts that sheltered me.


I kissed you goodbye
To remind us
Of all that had failed,
Of all that we’d missed
Since we had first kissed,

I kissed you goodbye
For the hunger,
For the itch and ache
That remains unquenched,
Still famished and benched,

I kissed you goodbye
And I held you,
Body on body,
With our breaths combined
And our tongues entwined,

I kissed you goodbye
To test myself
Or just to tease you,
Remember what was,
To stop time, to pause

I kissed you goodbye
Longing, lusting
For to be naked,
For to be sweating,
Fucking forgetting,

I kissed you goodbye
To seal our fate
Now off and flying
In different directions
While hiding erections,

I kissed you goodbye
Your lips on mine,
Your face in my hands,
Your scent, your essence
Left in your absence

I kissed you goodbye
And tasted you,
Then I smiled at you
And then released you
But in reality I’d already I lost you…


On the doorstep
On the threshold
The corner turns itself on me and I stand ready

Waiting for the opening
Waiting for the light
Waiting for the release.

On the doorstep
At the line
The path diverges on front of me, asking me to choose

Waiting for the decision
Waiting for the answer
Waiting for the follow on.

On the doorstep
Of a new life
The past never more present and the future unfolding

Waiting to be revealed
Waiting to be taken
Waiting to be felt

I take a breath and…


Being born,
We die from the life before we lived,
That existence within our maker,
But time transcends
And towards the light we fall,
Swept along with an ignorance of the future
And a tire of the past,
The Exodus arrives
And the tunnel ends

Hands engulf,
Drawing us into a plebeian existence
Where breeds an ignorance of the past,
A fancy for the future
And an enduring of the present,
But crawling
Our only path is towards another death,
Another existence,
Another light in a radiant tunnel;
Another Exodus


Alone now, walking away
Knowing it to be forever,
Alone and crying now
But shedding
Not only tears of pain
For in crying I am cleansing,
Rejoicing now, feeling strength
That had too long slumbered,
Alone now, but cherishing,
Holding all that is mine.

Alone now, slowly returning
To my natural state,
My own body embracing,
Like the wind, nurturing,
Nourishing myself,
Living alone now, returning,
Slowly all natural states eclipse,
For in returning I am moved,
Almost elevated, parallel
To all I’m destined to become.

Still waters rested, resisted
Temptations to swim
From stream to river
And ocean but, alone now,
Moved on while returning
Through newfound power
I de-slumber the stream,
Angelic visions send ripples
Through the river, mapping
Out my path to the ocean.

From here, I shall be
Deepened, with my freedom,
I shall be welcomed,
In my awareness, I shall be
Gifted, granted innocence,
Awaken now, oh inner child,
Let inner eyes pour grace
And vision, awaken my soul
And evoke my spirit,
Alone, I shall dance
To the music of your words,
Floating, I shall embrace
The reformation of myself,
Alone now, I sing to our glory
Do listen to my words
For this, alone, is my pride, my story.