Bouncing off the Walls

All good / actually / actually good / thanks for asking

           yeah / bright and shiny actually

bouncing off the walls / on the inside / dancing yeah

off the walls / actually


no, don’t be silly / not paint / actually

that comes with the dancing /actually / but I’m good

doing cartwheels / for encores now / on the rat wheel

and spray painting the cages / to appease / to please

  so thanks / yeah / thanks for asking

but you’ve gone

       moved on to other sights

lighter / and brighter / easier to swallow the laughter

but it’s fine

       cause I’m good / actually

bouncing off the walls / inside / leaving parts of me

behind / my insides / all smashed across the plaster

on the outside

                                         guts / now / in the cracks

we ran out of rugs / of places to tuck things under.

There’s no drugs here / no chain smoking in chains

actually / so I’m dancing / bloody brightly bouncing

off the walls / actually

   scarlet actually / splattering

trying to trip out of it / licking the lines of falling dust

even concrete cracks.

We do colour here / bright and bold / and blinding

If you can’t see it / does it really exist?

Yep / all good here / gotta go / the cage is closing.

4 thoughts on “Bouncing off the Walls

  1. Ms. Liz

    Insane! 😀 Hoping my “Life and Death” post of flaming red Virginia creeper with blazing bright, shiny-red leaves, wasn’t the source of inspiration … colour in too higher concentration?

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