Clawing our Way Down and Up

over shell,
slides backward
into sand
like sun behind star
and light falls,
grows paler,
becomes sponge.

I wonder
if the sponge
of this shell
holds an echo
of all I no longer hear,
a sound wave
behind the light
of my ear,
a reverberation
from outer space,
not my space,
to settle
in the place of the shell
of this shore
like the kiss
from your lips
I feel
pressing into mine,

I shuffle
lean in
to all that is no longer light
and catch
only another reverb
of a breath
I lost
on top
of a dying volcano.
Flames blow out
like stars
when light
grows too bright.

in claw of crab,
now deeper
than pale pink,
still shuffling
is a grain of sand
home to the memory
of a sunrise
that is still to reveal
the breath
I was too slow
to press
into lung.

if crab
claws enough
he’ll reach
the stars.

This is for NaPoWriMo Day 2 and was also inspired by the Week 3 of Walk to Write, a 4 week course I am doing with The Well Review given by Sarah Byrne. and you can find them on Twitter at

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