Prismatica Magazine – Issue 15 – Jan/Feb 2021

Absolutely thrilled to have a short fictional story in the latest issue of the impeccable Prismatica Magazine and to be in such glorious company and not to mention the incredible cover artwork by Dylan Mooney. My story is called A Funny Kind of Faire Tale. You can read it via the link below and even order a copy and support the artists and Lazy Adventure Publishing. Huge thank you to all the team involved and congratulations to all featured artists…

4 thoughts on “Prismatica Magazine – Issue 15 – Jan/Feb 2021

  1. Mike Powell

    Congratulations, Damien. I see reflections of your poetic style in your prose, but reading this story reveals another facet of your amazing creativity. I find myself repeatedly reflecting on these two sentences–“We write our own fairytale in the end, whether stuck in the wall, or on an island, or in a castle, or in the kitchen, or under a cliff or in the air. I came to a coast, once, cast in the armour Iā€™d been buried under, to enable the salt to rust me into a freedom.”

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