4 More Sleeps Till the Dragons Fly

Flight of the Dragonfly Spoken Word is back for its first online event of 2021 on the 16th February at 19.30 GMT and I get to be their lucky first guest. There will be, as usual, a feast of poets reading at the open mic, lead by event organisers and fellow poets Barbara Mercer and Darren J Beaney (P.s; Darren will be reading from his poetry book HoneyDew on the Poetry Podcast Eat the Storms tomorrow from 5pm onwards on your preferred podcast platform for the special Valentine’s Eve Episode and Barbara was my guest on the show two weeks ago!) so why not book your free ticket now. Link to the Dragonflies website below with the Eventbrite ticket link and also with a cheeky link to an interview with lil’ol moi. See you all Tuesday …

3 thoughts on “4 More Sleeps Till the Dragons Fly

  1. Jane Dougherty

    Got my ticket 🙂

    And this morning I got my sticklebacks! Thank you! I can’t remember if I’m supposed to have your email address, but if I have, Outlook won’t tell me what it is. The whole thing is lovely. The cards slipped out and fell, the Chagall on the top, and it’s my favourite. The poem too. Beautiful images. Congratulations on really getting into this thing, digging down and making your own place in it. I can’t say I’m ‘proud’ of you because you’re not my creation, but you know what I mean xxx

    1. deuxiemepeau

      I’m sorry- I’m just seeing this and replying so late, sorry Jane and thank you so much. I do know what you mean, I felt the same for you when your collection arrived and still do. I’m deuxiemepeau@yahoo.com should you ever need this. Regular life has stopped and yet it feels like there is still not enough time in the day but productivity is good so I won’t complain. Where you at Dragonflies the other night? That might have been late for you though as it ran longer. Hope you are keeping well and France is sorting itself out Covid wise. I’m doing a final edit of the Paris collection so it feels like I am right back there- for better and for worse. Ah, Paris- always the unexpected and yet!! ❤️☘️💚

      1. Jane Dougherty

        My turn to apologise. We had no power yesterday, no idea why. Enedis never think to give a reason.
        Dragonflies started while we were eating, and I couldn’t get into it later. It had been quite straightforward signing up for it and getting my ‘ticket’ but it wouldn’t let me in. I went round the houses for ages, resetting my password, only to be told I had no events. Went to tickets and got sent back to signing in again—rinse and repeat until you go bonkers. So, I missed it 🙁
        Productivity is fragile. Poems (such as they are) keep coming, but the prose is laborious. Once the doubt sets in, it’s hard to be motivated for the long haul. Maybe it’s just a winter thing. We’ll see.
        Lucky you, having Paris in your thoughts and for such a good reason.
        Keep warm and well, and happy 🙂

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