Meet the Poet, Me and the Magical Miss Yerem

Recently, I was invited over to PoemByPoem, Saving the World one Poem at a Time by fantastic fellow poet Annick Yerem to take part in an interview with some of the best questions I have ever had to stop and consider. If you have time please drop over to Annick’s blog and check out the interview and then check out Miss Yerem herself, you will not be disappointed…

Annick was recently one of the guests on my Poetry Podcast Eat the Storms and just blew me away with her reading. Check the link below for the episode on Spotify but we are also available on Google, Apple, PocketCasts, Podbean, Anchor and many more platforms …

One thought on “Meet the Poet, Me and the Magical Miss Yerem

  1. kaymckenziecooke

    An interesting interview indeed with some fascinating responses. I enjoyed all the sparkle and twist and turns and array of images, tastes, smells and words very much. All the best with your poetry journey through 2021 Damien.

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