Everything comes and goes
you can’t court without a spark / but nothing lasts as long
as that first light / the first night / already fading / and the morning
finds us fumbling / trying to get through / to get on
to something shinier / something newer / to something newer

Everything comes and goes
like the lines we never got to cross / though we prayed
though we paced ourselves like panthers on the prey
Stay time / we begged / we’ll bend to your will / if you are willing
but it didn’t and we can’t get back to where we started
to that point where hope departed / where hope departed

Everything comes and goes
trains change tracks along the midway / beauty is dying
in the cut bouquet / we change carriages for convenience
to be closer to connections / but touch / like time / is temporary
and every stop sees another petal fall to the stoop
we are dying to be held / but by death propelled / by death propelled

Everything comes and goes
we are people parading in parks / in technological bubbles
that bind us to the common blindness / courting on computers
arousals now viral / no virtual / thinking time is to be trusted
trains will take us where we want / but time is not ours
lines get lost / petals continue to fall from flowers / fall from flowers

Everything comes and goes
but I’ve grown accustomed / now / accustomed to this pace
to carrying carriages / inside me / for the colours collected
for the connections / now a curator
no longer do I scatter / refuges onto the road

Everything comes and goes

All words sand sketches by Damien B Donnelly


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