Looking Back – A Prickle of Hedgehogs – Eat the Storms

Last month, 19th September to be precise, a group of fellow Hedgehog poets (all published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press), loving named Hoglets, gathered together in the far corners of their own farms and shared readings from their latest collections. Host Joe Williams introduced Zoe Siobhan Howarth Lowe (I have Grown Two hearts), Gaynor Kane (Venus in Pink Marble) , Nigel Kent (Psychopathogen) Katie Proctor (Seasons) and myself (Eat the Storms). We were loving joined by a wonderful supporting cast audience from around the world and the atmosphere, even on Zoom, was incredible. This YouTube video is my part in the night’s proceedings. Thank you for those who listened in and for anyone else who wondered how it all went down- here is my 15 minute poetic set…

Below is a link to The Hedgehog Poetry Press to find links to all the other poets and their collections

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