Black Bough Poetry – Book of the Month – Eat The Storms

You have heard me ramble on before about Black Bough Poetry and its creator Matthew M C Smith. The platform it creates, the collaboration of artists it gathers, its #TopTweetTuesday weekly poetry event that puts every other Tuesday tweet in the the shadows. You might also have seen how in love I am with Deep Time, Vol 1, their last publication of perfect poetry anthology.

Well, today this happened…

This is the link to Black Bough Poetry so please take a moment and check them out, Deep Time, Vol 1 is now available to download, Deep Time, Vol 11 is coming very soon and there are many more amazing things happening here so keep your eyes open and, of course, join in the celebration of poetry, published or not, on Twitter every Tuesday.

And don’t forget that its creator, Welshman extraodinaire Matthew M C Smith, also has his own unmissable collection of poetry available to buy on Amazon entitled Origins: 21 Poems…

Thank you to Black Bough Poetry for making this ordinary Monday extraordinary storm filled.

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