Recently, I asked welsh poet Ness Owen if she would mind pre-reading Eat the Storms for a review and she very kindly said yes…

In a delightful mixing of senses, Damien B. Donnelly’s debut collection takes us on a journey through colour, searching for ‘the truth/ beneath’ in a world where ‘Faith is fragile’. Aided by a mother’s empowering words, given to the collection’s title (‘Eat the storms’), Donnelly journeys from childhood and a questioning of his origins through to difficult relationships in a crescendo of colours. 

These are beautifully crafted poems taken from an artist’s palette ‘where language is lulled/into a lake of stilled thought’ where we ‘shed red thorns’ and find ‘the peace that dawns with the dust,’. 

From the surreal ‘Shades of Blue’ to the aching ‘Tattered Brown Trousers’, this collection asks us to catch these moments, to ‘catch the kisses,’ acknowledging that ‘It takes time to swallow the truth’ but arriving at the hope filled conclusion of ‘how much there is to love,/ to let go of, to learn from.’

These are poems that need to be read and heard.  

Ness Owen is a Welsh poet living on Ynys Môn, on the Isle of Anglesey, off the coast of North Wales. I found Ness on Twitter thanks to #TopTweetTuesday from Black Bough Books where she shares her poems and praise and support of so many poets. Her debut collection is entitled Mamiaith published by Arachne Press. Partly bilingual, this collection examines the journey from family to politics to place and belonging. You can order your copy from the link below. I just ordered mine so hurry on before they are all gone. You can also find Ness on Twitter at @ness_owen

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