Tonight, on Facebook, at 7.30 GMT, Gaynor Kane will launch her full collection of poetry; Venus in Pink Marble, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press and I will join her to share and talk about my debut collection; Eat the Storms. We are ‘pre-recorded’ live which means we recorded a test the other day that was so good we are going with that, but we will be there for questions and comments throughout. So please, grab a drink and join us for the best part of an hour, tonight.

Oh, there will be bloopers afterwards!

To buy Gaynor’s book click below…

3 thoughts on “VENUS EATS THE STORMS

      1. Jane Dougherty

        At least you’ve woken up in time. There are people who nap all their lives and think that’s the whole purpose of it 🙂

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