This morning I woke to the news that I have been nominated by Black Bough Poetry for Best of the Net. Yesterday was a beautiful day, a slow cycle down to catch the sunshine bathing along the edge of the sea as I sat under the cliffs and listened to the echoes the tides had left behind and I thought it could not get any better. I was wrong.

This morning the light was even brighter all thanks to Matthew MC Smith and Black Bough Poetry who I was blessed to discover not too long ago and have them feature my poem Blind to All Before Birth. Since then I have discovered a wealth of blooming brilliant poets through their #TopTweetTuesday series, which is THE HAPPENING every Tuesday on Twitter where you tweet a poem of your own or promote someone elseโ€™s and there are cheers and comments and praise and more cheers throughout the day- itโ€™s a poetic love feast not to be missed.

This post is my way of saying a huge thank you to Black Bough Poetry, Matthew and his angelic fellow judges who looked into their collected treasure throve of stunning poets and picked me as one of the 6 nominees. My fellow nominees are Jess Thayil for Lux Aeterna / nitya jyoti, Z.R. Ghani for The Pink Mosque, Rae Howells for Gravity, Kathy Miles for How to Grate a Moon and Steven Hartung for Doctored Time and if you go and check out their work then you will see immediately why I am gobsmacked to be featured anywhere near their names.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, today went beyond.


  1. Ms. Liz

    So pleased for you! and the colourful rock is spectacular! Is that part of an overhang in the cliffs? What am I looking at?

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thanks Liz. And Yes- it is the overhang and I am heading underneath into a very small cave area- more of a cliff cut-out but this is the overhang. Will put up some more pictures Wednesday

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