1. Ms. Liz

    I smiled all the way through! – especially when I saw the cabbage tree haha! Would you perhaps grant me blanket permission to use any of these I wish in post(s) on my blog or is that a bit too cheeky? My mind was kinda popping with potential ideas as I looked through!

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  3. Mike Powell

    It is amazing what you can see close to home when you open your eyes to the beauty of ordinary things. International travel is wonderful, but the wonders of cosmopolitan cities barely equal the beauty of the skies, fields, trees, and even the humble dandelions that you have captured so beautifully. You have such beautiful eyes, Damien, especially when it comes to color and composition.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thank you Mike, everything just seems to be thriving without us that when you do go for a wander now it’s all so much more exuberant like its been allowed to sing again.

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