In Arms


Undressed, beneath the darkness,

In bed, beneath the covers,

In your arms- so tight around me

That I find myself comforted-

Like in a blanket

And I find myself at a home

So far from home.

Undressed, beneath that darkness,

In bed, beneath those covers,

In my arms, I hold you so tight

And find in you your boundaries falling,

Uncertainty shrinking, awake in a dream.

Undressed, beneath the darkness,

Naked- nothing before me but you,

In bed, beneath welcoming covers

I entwine my body in yours and find myself…

And the myself I find is smiling back at me,

And the boy beside me is smiling over at me,

And the moon beyond is smiling down on me,

And the last thing I remember as I close my eyes is you-

Your touch; so soft,

Your skin; so smooth,

Your smell; so warm

And me…


All words by Damien B. Donnelly


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