Stillness, On All Sides

There is a stillness

All around-

You are gone;

Packed and parceled

In that part of the past

That time holds,

The heart remembers

And the mind tries best to forget.

There is a stillness,

Within these walls-

You are gone

And I remember who I was

Before You became We

And I became the shadow

Of that former self- partly visible,

Kinda remembered, not too clear.

There is a stillness

In my breathing-

You are gone;

No more the compromise and confusion

Of the impossibly different, black and white,

Adults who’d hoped that two wrongs could feel right.

There is stillness

Within me,

I am home.

It’s just me again-

The confusing independently dependent,

Passionate, polite, peaceful,

Bonkers, barking mad boy

Playing at Man,

Slowly rediscovering the sides of me

You’d shun and shoved

Beneath the bed

When our world was far from still.


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