The Game


To miss,

To know,

To want,

To have,

To hold.

To understand and be understood,

To be touched and feel it returned,

To no longer ask ‘what if, does he, do you?’

The tenderness of your lips,

The gentle curve of your lower back,

The suppleness of your legs.

In the silence of the night,

In the darkest moment before the dawn,

In the moment when all others are together

And though I am not lonely- I am alone.

In the simple and basic utterance of your name-

And all the distance that divides us-

And all the reasons that prevent us.

When all else sleeps

Except my mind and the thought of you,

In all that I am afraid of,

For all that scares me,

With all that I believe in-

I still long to see you,

I still long to touch you

And I will forever long to love you.

To the end of my day,

Like no more,

With no other,

Without looking behind

Or ahead or to the side-

Just in your eyes.

To be blind of all else but you.

To find the courage to be brave

And meet you,

To find the strength to gather the words

And beseech you.

To have the heart to carry on- either way.

To understand

That to attempt

And then to lose

Is so much better

Than to only wish

And never try.

To look life in the face

And confess to have loved

Is to have truly taken part

In the game.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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