New York, United States of America

Walt’s Way over the Water

Brown Stones and Yellow Cabs, The Vanguard and The Village, Magnolia Cupcakes and Chocolate Martini’s, up the Avenues and across the hundreds, breakfasts at The Stardust; sinful pancakes, syrup, sausages and singers, lunches from Zabars in The Central or by the Riverside and evenings with legends who belted over Broadway. And then suddenly, with one turn, I fell upon the Bridge to Brooklyn, sketched by the hand of Roebling and favoured by the Poet Witman, and instantly, there above the Hudson, everything opened up and a stillness reigned triumphantly in the air untill, a moment later, a siren shot through the city and I was reminded that while I’d found a quiet edge, it was still only an edge of a great big shiny metropolis…

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