Balmoral, Scotland

Blue in Green

It could have been Ireland, but for the purple haze of heather that dusted over the mountain tops while heavenly hues of blue danced on the waters surrounded by bonny bushes of gallant greens. Sunday morning, suit and tie, best brogues, hair downed with brill cream, walking up to the church door, greeted by Reverend and security guard, crowds watching from behind railings, we took our seats, the Reverend took his position and then the Queen, Philip and Royal family filed into the same tiny church cut into the hillside and sat down all but 3 meters from us. In this world of madness, body guards, assassination attempts and old feuds, there I was- an Irishman in a tiny church in Balmoral- sharing a mass with the Queen of England. And I’d just walked in the door, no invite, no passport check, no nothing, all seemingly at peace in the house of God while the rest of the world seems to only wage war in his name…

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